The Benefits of Building on a Corner Lot

Like north-facing homes and “location, location, location”, you’ll often hear real estate agents talking about how those hard-to-find corner blocks are often better. Here are a few reasons why building your home on a corner lot may suit you best.

Hello, Sunshine

Without fences and neighbours on at least two sides instead of just one, a corner block lets more natural light into your home. This leads to a greater sense of well-being.

Open Up

Not being surrounded means your home will have a feeling of spaciousness, openness and freedom. That’s a lifestyle that everyone wants.

Room to Design

You’ll have more options with how you’ll situate the foot of your home on the block, how you’ll position windows and doors and how you’ll let light into your home. You may even be able to shift your home closer to the boundaries of your land to make the home itself or your backyard bigger, depending on council regulations.

Privacy Matters

Having one fewer close neighbour makes spending time in your yard feel more private and less encroached upon. On the other hand, having your block seem open means that neighbours over the road can also keep an eye on your place; helping to boost security.

All Access

Do you want an extra side or rear door? How about a garage, granny flat or workshop that’s easy to get to in your backyard? You’ll also have options with which way the house faces.

Park Life

If you have adult children, love owning cars or enjoy hosting big get-togethers, the increase in street parking options out front of your place will be a bonus.

Better Views

Isn’t it better to see more blue sky than it is to have fences and homes looming right outside your windows?

Green Thumb-friendly

Knocking out a fence or two means more room to play when it comes to planting your garden. A beautiful garden that wraps around a home increases curb appeal. Spend the money you’ll save on timber palings on more plants.

Resale Value

Speaking of curb appeal, plenty of buyers prefer a home that’s built on a corner lot for the above reasons and more. So a corner block can increase your asking price if you ever wish to sell the home in the future.

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