Neighbourhood Watch Jubilee!

Neighbourhood Watch Victoria has partnered with Jubilee Estate to support residents and improve the safety, security and quality of life within our growing community.

At Jubilee, you and your family’s safety is paramount to us. A new home should always feel secure and you should feel at ease as you go about your day-to-day life within and around the estate. That’s why Jubilee have partnered with Neighbourhood Watch Victoria!

Neighbourhood Watch is a not-for–profit community-based organisation, where volunteers come together to support Victoria Police with the purpose of making local communities safer by promoting crime prevention initiatives and closer community ties.

By encouraging community participation in the building of a safe and confident Jubilee community, Neighbourhood Watch with the help of Jubilee residents will work hard towards deterring criminal and unsafe behaviour with joint community action.

Some key areas that Neighbourhood Watch will be focusing on within Jubilee will include home security and how residents can ensure they feel safe, how to manage neighbourhood disputes, tips and tricks on how to reduce your chance of identity theft and fraud plus just looking after each other and keeping an eye out for your neighbours to name a few.

For those residents who are interested in becoming a Neighbourhood Watch Jubilee committee member, please advise Sharon Howard of Engine Property Group (Jubilee Home Owners Association), at Sharon will put you in contact with neighbourhood watch representatives. Becoming a Jubilee committee member will allow you to become further involved with our community’s safety and have an opportunity to have your say in Jubilee’s exciting future.

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