Keeping Your Home Office Space Organised

With everyone creating a dedicated or temporary workspace with the current COVID situation, here are some simple steps to help keep your home office space in tip-top shape so that you can relax and find full focus in your space, making working from home a breeze!

Set Intentions

Take a note from Marie Kondo who believes in the power of imagining your ideal lifestyle prior to decluttering. Set out what you want to achieve. Surrounding yourself with an inspired space can help you keep you motivated during those endless Zooms and long days behind a desk.

Clean Slate

Remove everything off your desk except for your essentials: lamp, computer or laptop, monitor, mouse and keyboard. Give your table a good wipe and start sorting out the other items sitting around into things you use on a daily and weekly basis, and others that you no longer need.

Try and maintain the empty space on your desk clean with only the essentials, so that you have plenty of space to write and spread out. Keep paper, supplies and other documents tucked away in drawers or shelving units.

Say Goodbye To Things You Don’t Need

Go through your desk drawers, recycle those loose paper lying around to clear your space. Simplify your book collection if you have these around your workspace. It’s a great time to do a quick spring clean to recycle and donate any titles you no longer need.

Consolidate Everything

If you have office supplies scattered throughout your home in different spaces, gather the things you need and make a plan to store them all within your workspace. This will help you keep organised, plus it saves time throughout the day when you don’t have to leave your workspace to find where you left that spare USB cord.

Use Drawer Dividers

Keep your drawers aligned and tidy with drawer dividers – these can keep sticky notes, business cards, spare charges in their own compartments to easily grab and go.

You can get some desk organisers here from Howards Storage or check out the range from Kmart.

Go Vertical

There is so much more space available when you use your wall to hang things, such as calendars, whiteboards, shelving and more.

Add A Personal Touch

As we spend almost half of our day at our workspace, add a little joy to your desk, be it a small plant, a vase of flowers, or a drawing from your kids. Adding one thing will keep your space clean and tidy, and eliminate the visual clutter.

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